Top 3 Swegway Scooter Comparison Table In UK

ProductNameFeaturesPrice PointRatingVisit

Tera 2 Wheel Self Balancing ScooterHigh quality, Clear instructions, UK plug, 10km/h, Up to 25km range, 2Hr chargeMid-Range Learn More

MonoRover R2High quality, Clear instructions, UK plug, 10km/h, Up to 25km range, 2Hr chargeAffordable Learn More

Airwheel OneHigh quality, Clear instructions, UK plug, 16km/h, Up to 15km range, 1Hr chargeHigh-End Learn More

A charting comparing the two wheelers with a one wheeler.

Top 3 Self Balancing Scooters

Self balancing “Swegway” scooters are taking the world by storm.

The sales for these cool gadgets has increased massively recently and continues to do so!

With the different varieties of the scooters out there, it can be a little difficult to find the right one for you.

At the time of this writing, the manufacturing of these boards seems to be done by 1 or a small number of factories, they are then branded by the companies that stock and sell them.

Having said that, we have seen the quality of the boards vary from one brand to another, which goes to show that more companies are starting to manufacture them.

This site aims to bring you the information you need to be able to make a good decision on what scooter is best for you. The products reviewed on this site will be the best of the bunch currently available.

We also strongly advise you don’t buy the cheaper imitations that you may happen to find else where as with anything, when you buy cheap; you inevitably compromise on quality, which can result in accidents.


Tera Self Balancing Board Review – Our Number 1

Swegway ReviewThe best of the three boards we have reviewed is sold by a company called Tera.

Their board comes with clear instructions, details specification and also so far the best quality board we have seen.

Here are some of its best features;

  • The CA dynamic control system can automatically control the output of the torque, position, speed and forward and backward directions as well as giving you an easy turning ability
  • Balance of the board is automatically kept stable and the CPU chip floating point is active 1024 times per second enabling the stabilisation
  • 64 bit processor monitors the battery level as well as the speed 200 times per second giving you the most accurate feedback when in use
  • Intelligent security protection include;
    • Speed limit protection – stops you pushing the speed of the scooter beyond its limit for your safety
    • Anti-fall protection – with the mechanics of the board and the way it operates will keep you from falling while travelling at speed (at low speeds or stationary, this function is not as effective)
    • Auto Sleep function – when the device is inactive for a few minutes, it will automatically “go to sleep” / put itself into standby mode – this will conserve battery
    • Board posture induction – this feature is very cool and it aids you in getting familiar with the board
  • One of the sellers who supplies the product with a UK plug (many others you’ll find on Amazon, you will have to buy a UK adapter with the scooter in order for you to charge it)
  • A good rubber grip on the tyres – which is great for holding on the ground certainly at speeds and especially when turning. Also, the bonus is that the tyres are not filled with air so you don’t need to worry about getting a puncture!
  • Maximum Speed = 10km/h
  • Mileage = 15-25 – dependant on the speed and whether you are going up hill/down hill
  • Charging time = 2 hours
  • Weight of board = 13kg – a good weight to aid in stabilisation
  • Responsive customer service department

Overall a very well made product from all that we have tested and well worth the buy.

Check independent Amazon customer reviews for more information.


MonoRover R2 Self Balancing Electric Scooter Review – Number 2

MonoRover R2The R2 by MonoRover is another very good choice.

It made number 2 because it is more affordable than The Tera and it comes with sunglasses which are BlueTooth headphones too! So you can look extra cool while riding the board 🙂

With regards to build quality, it is very well made, but it just did not feel as robust and as ruggedised as The Tera.

As far as the motor and the features go, it is very much the same thing under the bonnet.

The R2 also comes with a UK plug which, again makes it very easy so you don’t have to buy a separate adapter.

While the BlueTooth headphones are a nice touch, don’t expect sound quality from that of Bose headphones. My guess is they are thrown in because they are made in the same factory as the scooter.

On the whole. Not a bad product and available at an affordable price.


BINGS Self Balancing Scooter Review – Number 3

Bings ReviewBing have a good product as well, as far as quality goes; while it is decent enough – there is still some difference when compared to the Tera board, in particular the item specifications and instruction. It comes more in line with The MonoRover’s R2 board – which, by no means, is a bad thing.

We also happened to receive a non-UK plug, but BINGS were kind enough to send out a UK adapter which arrived within 5 days – which is not bad considering it had to travel half way around the world!

The features for The BINGS model, are pretty much the same as The Tera besides the afore mentioned, not as high quality, just somehow does not feel as robust.

The positives for BINGS is that they have a massive array of colours and designs to choose from which ensure you are sure to find one that suits your needs.

The other positive for BINGS, much like Tera, is that their customer service department is spot on – if you do happen to have a problem with the unit, they are very responsive.



There is no question, as far as the stability, ruggedness, and durability; The clear winner is Tera.

It has clear instructions, comes with UK plug for quick charing. The Tera feels safer than its competitors and you do get a decent choice of colours to choose from.

If you feel you want more of a choice with colours, then go with The Bings.

If you want sunglasses / headphone combo (not high quality at all) then its The MonoRover R2.

If you just want a decent quality self-balancing scooter, then it is definitely The Tera.


If you have bought one yourself and would like to give us feedback on any aspect, please feel free to contact us.

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